ABOUT Linda Le (aka VAMPY)


Name: Linda Le (aka Vampy)
Birthday: December 15th
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Hometown: Okmulgee, Oklahoma
Location: Bay Area, CA
Stats: 33-23-33
Heavily interested in fashion and the arts, she learned to style in the states and then went abroad to London and Japan to continue her studies. Upon arriving back in the states, she began to teach makeup and dabbled in modeling on the side. Having made a splash onto the cosplay scene with her depictions of classic anime and videogame characters through cosplay, she was discovered by Japanese toy company Kotobukiya and was featured in the cosplay showcase book Otacool 2, which became a worldwide success. Eager for more creative outlets, she then teamed up with Street Fighter HD Remix Artist Long Vo to create images, artwork and a comic for Udon Entertainment’s book, VENT. Soon after, her love for toys became her lifestyle which led her to artistic collaborations with KusoVinyl, Sideshow Toy’s Tim Miller, Nakanari for Gibson Guitar and many other companies around the world. She recently collaborated with Chris Hardwick of the Nerdist to produce a show about the world of cosplay called "Just Cos," which features cosplayers from all walks of life telling their stories. She is currently part of a costume/prop maker's group named Team Mantium Designs who builds and fabricates highly articulate armor. She continues to keep pushing for creative freedom in all mediums and loves to teach everyone she can about the Otaku lifestyle. You can find her at conventions all year 'round promoting cosplay in a good light to all avenues and genres, as well as working with non-profit organizations to help Japan.

How did you get your name?
In 2005, I was working on a makeup line with my cousin in London and wanted to name it VampBeauty. Things didn't pan out as I am in the bay and it was in London. However, it is still a dream of mine to have my own makeup line. Since then, I've really been into all things dark, like vampires and such. My friends started calling me Vampy and it kinda stuck with me ever since.

What are your favorite colors?
RED, black and white.

Do you like to travel?
I am quite intrigued by how others live and their way of life and I love learning about new cultures so it's always fun to go abroad.

What countries have you been to? Which are your favorites?
I have been fortunate enough that my career has taken me all over Europe, the Middle East, Japan and other parts of Asia. My three favorites have to be Transylvania, Israel and Qatar -- all very different places. I've always wanted to go to Romania and got to see it so now I can die happy.

How would you describe your look?
I'm into extremes. Whether it be really evil, cute, high fashion or natural, I don't think I have just one look. I guess it just depends on how I feel and my mood at the time.

What are your major influences?
Music really drives me. I can wake up to a song or music and I'll know exactly what to do with my look for that day. My biggest influences here are #METAL and Bjork. However, I also like a lot of music from Japan and Korea as well.

Robots or Zombies?
zombie woebot.

Do you have pets?
I have tons of dogs. I love all kinds of pets and animals though.

What is your favorite word?